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Over the years, the scissors of collaborations have expanded more and more, the same scissors with which the designer Ciro Apicella sculpts the cuts on the platform.
His style and technique are just the tip of the iceberg. His dialectic places it at the forefront among those who know how to engage your audience by combining the artistic talent. Able to enchant those faces, thanks to the solid collobarazione first as artistic director and now as a manager and scouting for foreign prestigious association CACF (See the video)

It also holds seminars in show-all world capitals (Bangkok, Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, France, Greece, Slovakia, Poland, Turkey, Bosnia, Croatia, Egypt etc.etc.) Disclosing his techniques of cut and collected.
They are supplemented by video collections that the designer produces each year. They shall send the best techniques of both cut and collected as formulated notions multimedia audio-visual equipment to immerse the participant in a creative dimension unprecedented.

digital fashion video

By analyzing our world that is always the last car of the train of fashion, we have worked to give a touch of technology that is always present in everything we do now and in the fashion system, we have built this section to make it easy and your immediate update, or why not, your comparison.

Without waiting to travel around, we have created this unique system of international order to demonstrate the passion that distinguishes us from years which combined with modern technology can be the key to the future ... we think that the future is coming ... download the trailer and gratutio ... enjoy!
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