Who i am

I Am Ciro Apicella and I started this profession as a boy I was fascinated by the world of hairdressing lot.
I was attracted to that environment and its colloquialism.
Once the medium I started working at full capacity. There was a need to help in the family and started her apprenticeship in the shop, of course, in the role of 'lava-heads' . Later began my real mess. How to shop boy I moved from one salon to another.
I learned the craft on the ground. There were no schools at the time of formation.

But there "sources" training truly effective. Indeed ... in some ways, surprising. As the "Talented Hairdresser" . I worked for 5 years in a shop where the Head of Hall, a sort of forerunner Hair Stylist , had some great ideas. I learned a lot from him. All clients sought him out. He was a brilliant and talented professional. It's called Vincenzo Pen . It may not have won all of this happened ... but I assure you: it was a Hair Stylist of extraordinary talent. He noticed a hairstyle on a newspaper page and was able to reproduce it from a photograph whatever, peek in a magazine. But that's not all: Vincenzo also invented tools for hairdressers, which were needed and that the store did not exist. He used what was around him, what was available, what little he could find.

He was the first to use the iron hair straightener . I became dead-straight hair. Or, another idea was to shorten the resistance of the hair dryer. In this way, making the hair dryer to overheat, he devised a second system to satisfy the customers who demanded hair smooth, silky and absolutely free from curly .. I must say that I learned a lot from him.

My Life in date

In 1970 I opened the first store.
So I started traveling for the completion professionally.
First of all I came to Paris as a member of Haute Coiffure Franšaise and attended the Academy "Section D'art" looking for my personal training. But even "Vidal Sasson" and "Tony and Guy" in London. From "Llongueras" of Barcelona.
Meanwhile in Italy I became member of the "Clan of Neostilisti" where I myself cimentai in the art of training. Training has always interested me a lot .... From 1982 to 1990 have joined the group "Crazy Fashion" a group of hairdressers at that time proposed show and seminars in Italy and abroad. In 1991 has assumed the artistic direction of the team "Image Fashion and Hair" producing over 20 videos and books Step by Step on cut, color and innovative techniques.
And much more ....
In 2004 I became Artistic Director of the team "Hair Project" which proposed show and seminars in Italy and abroad.
In 2008 I agreed to work as Artistic Director of the prestigious association CACF occupandomi, above all, to present the ideas of young designers.
From 2013 With the new logo, "Education " working around the world with seminars and show, also produce books and dvd new trend failing each time to get gratification and praise.
A customer at the end of a particularly sophisticated where my hairstyle is essential to express themselves with grace and imagination he asked me 'what was born from' my creativity.
It is not an easy question.
Perhaps for this reason, it might be an important question. Why is intimate.
The answer, I would say is to love what I do. There is no other secret. It 's all here.
When I go to bed at night, before falling asleep, I think I'll do the seminar the next day. Or cut or hairstyle wedding I'll have to invent tomorrow.
The love for what I do. Yeah ... that's the secret. Only this ...
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